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 Tamra Kelly

Tamra Kelly

Associate Broker – State of Arizona
Qualified Broker – State of New Mexico


      Tamra Kelly is an experienced rancher and real estate agent/broker. Her hands-on background of meeting with government officials to discuss operating plans, negotiating ag loans with lenders, to vaccinating, cutting and branding calves, pulling a windmill or rotating cattle between pastures, adds authenticity to her representation of both prospective ranch buyers and sellers.

      Born and raised in Arizona, Tamra and her family have a long history in agriculture.  Tamra’s cattle ranching experience began at a young age with her grandfather, who worked cattle and broke horses with legendary cowboy and actor Ben Johnson.   She grew up spending time at Castle Hot Springs in Morristown, Arizona working with her grandfather who ran cattle almost a century ago in the Central Arizona desert.  Her parents worked in agricultural farms in several states ranging from Texas to California.  Currently, Tamra along with her husband and their six children own, operate and work several cattle ranches in Central and Eastern Arizona. Tamra not only understands problems and issues facing cattle ranchers, she lives them.

      Tamra couples this “hands-on” ranch experience with an exceptional higher education and work history to provide a seasoned, diligent and competent approach to selling ranch real estate.  As a Certified Paralegal with a degree from Yavapai College, a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a master’s degree in Public Administration, Tamra has transferred her twenty five year experience working in the legal and business fields to selling ranch and farm real estate. Currently, her sole focus is representing buyers and sellers of ranch and farm real estate in the Southwest. You will find her friendly and personable, responsive to your needs and concerns while maintaining the highest work standards providing a diligent and ethical commitment to your ranch real estate needs. Using her experience in law, business and real estate, coupled with her hands-on ranching experience, she is able to help find and properly transfer the perfect cattle ranch, farm or horse property for prospective buyers.  In addition, this same experience allows Tamra to properly communicate the attributes and operation of a seller’s cattle ranch to prospective buyers increasing the probability of sale for a client listing their cattle ranch with Tamra Kelly.

Thomas Kelly

Thomas Kelly

Agent, Attorney

    Thomas K. Kelly is an attorney, rancher and real estate agent. After practicing law for 25+ years, Tom retired to focus solely on working and operating the family cattle ranches and helping his wife, Tamra with her real estate business. During his career practicing law, Tom provided legal representation for ranchers and other users of public lands. He has litigated a myriad of legal issues facing today’s agricultural producers ranging from water rights, public lands grazing, endangered species, private and public lands access, wilderness and contract claims.

    Representative clients included the Arizona Cattle Growers Association, Mohave Livestock Association, Ballot Issues Coalition, the Arizona Trappers Association and numerous cattle ranches in both federal and state courts.

    Today, Tom spends his time focusing solely on working his family cattle ranches and working with Tamra in her real estate business. As a native of Arizona with over 30 years experience in the cattle business, Tom works with Tamra in assisting clients navigate the maze of governmental rules and regulations to properly transfer ownership of agricultural properties.