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Seller’s Services

Ag Lands Southwest uses a wide range of ranch marketing services to sell your property as quickly as practicable. With our experience, knowledge and nation-wide marketing strategies, listing your ranch with Ag Lands Southwest will maximize its exposure to qualified buyers.

With the hands-on experience  of owning and operating cattle ranches, we understand the unique challenges and needs in selling agricultural properties. We have the experience to handle agricultural land issues such as public lands grazing issues, water and mineral rights, hunting permits, conservation easements, livestock and farm production, wildlife habitat enhancement, tax credits and more.

Listing your ranch
From our initial conversation, we will begin the inquiry and discussion of the operation and management of your agricultural property and identify its unique features. After the initial consultation, we will spend whatever time is necessary to personally inspect, discuss, photograph and map your property in order to effectively educate and communicate it attributes to prospective buyers.

Ranch Brochure
Once the information is gathered, mapped and photographed, we assemble a professional brochure to maximize exposure of your ranch to prospective buyers. The brochure will highlight the special properties of your ranch using maps, photographs, documents and written information allowing prospective buyers to gain an overview of your property before scheduling an on-site viewing. Matching qualified buyers with their dream property before the showing maximizes the opportunity for sale and values the utilization of your time.

Marketing Resources
We advertise and market your agricultural property locally and nation-wide using the internet and in respected publications. We emphasize marketing at a local level with local resources while realizing a prospective buyer may come from anywhere with any background. Using both local and a nation-wide marketing strategy maximizes the possibility of selling your agricultural property. We have the ability to identify and track visitors to our website, and send customized marketing messages to nurture these leads.

The Maze
Once a qualified buyer submits a proposal to buy your ranch, we assist you in navigating the maze of public lands agencies to help transfer public lands grazing permits, water and mineral rights, hunting permits, conservation easements, access agreements, etc. Our experience, contacts and resources assist in this process.

Direct marketing
Ag Lands Southwest uses email, newsletters, and direct mail to directly contact individuals in our extensive database to inform them of your listing. With an understanding of our buyers needs and interests, we will make sure that qualified buyers in our contact group know about your ranch.

Showing your ranch
Once an interested buyer is properly screened and prequalified to purchase your ranch we will schedule a personal showing. During the showing, we will make sure that your property is effectively and adequately shown with its management systems and attributes explained to a prospective buyer. During this process Ag Lands Southwest uses several tools to properly show your property. After starting with the ranch brochure, photographs, and maps, we will personally conduct an on-site inspection by 4X4 pickup, utility vehicle, or horseback to ensure the attributes of your ranch are thoroughly shown to an interested buyer.