Nat Ranch

Winslow, Arizona

  • $2,400,000 Cash
  • +/- 35,816.29 acre ranch
  • Well-Managed, Working Cattle Ranch

The Nat Ranch is a working cattle ranch located near Winslow, Arizona.   Seller’s current operation runs high quality Angus/Wagyu cattle.  The 300 head CYL state and private leases are supplemented with a brewer’s grain feeding program to increase its carrying capacity.  Easy access, gentle terrain, good feed and excellent range improvements make this ranch a good investment. The well-managed Nat Ranch presents  an opportunity to own a functional, profitable operation located near excellent hunting, fishing, skiing and other recreational opportunities in Northern Arizona.  

Description: The Nat Ranch is a  working cattle ranch located adjacent to I-40 near Winslow, Arizona currently carrying 450 CYL.  The Nat Ranch encompasses  approximately +/-36,467 total grazing acres supporting 300 CYL. Supplementing with the brewer’s spent grain, the current Seller has increased  the carrying capacity to 450 CYL. The headquarters sits on 80 deeded acres with a good producing domestic well (20+ gals/min) and has a newer set of working corrals with a squeeze chute, scales, calf table, loading chute, and bunkhouse.  There are also several working corrals throughout the ranch on both the state and private lease.  Easy access and close proximity to I-40 enhances the cost effectiveness of shipping calves.  Additionally, travel  to the interior of the ranch is by use of several ranch roads which may be accessed off of N. Park Drive, an I-40 exit in Winslow.

This +/- 35,816.29 acre ranch is easy to work in generally level terrain with rolling hills and mesas. The ranch is approximately 6-9 miles wide, east to west, by 7-8 miles wide, north to south.  The northern boundary of the ranch is the Navajo Reservation with I-40 as the southern boundary. Downtown Winslow is about 1.5 miles southeast of the southeast corner of the ranch.  The ranch encompasses all of Tucker Mesa, Tucker Flat and Toltec Divide.  Although there is no adverse ownership (40 acre parcels) within the ranch, the ranch is a “checkerboard” configuration of the state and private lands which are covered by state and private grazing leases.  The boundary of the ranch is fenced with a good exterior fence.   Five interior pastures are fenced to allow pasture rotation to maximize use of available grasses and browse.  The ranch also contains several smaller traps and holding pens strategically located to assist in managing the ranch.  Water is provided by a series of dirt tanks, wells, windmills, and a spring.  

Topography is generally flat with slightly rolling hills.  Some short steeper areas rise to level mesas.  Elevation on the ranch ranges from 4,795’ on Little Colorado River at the northeast end of the ranch to 5,220’ on the southwest end of the ranch. The deeded land and headquarters are at about 4,950’ in elevation.  Vegetation is a mix of plains and desert grassland with scrub, perennials such as sacaton, and sand dropseed and scrub such as four wing saltbush and winter fat are common in the area.

Seller is currently raising high-quality Angus mother cows which are bred to Wagyu bulls.   The absence  of predators and urban interference on his cattle herd along with good management,  adequate feed and gentle terrain has resulted in an approximate 90% calf crop.   Solid weaning weights between 500-550 lbs. are consistently obtained.    

Current seller has an agreement to obtain the brewer’s spent grain from a brewery located in Flagstaff, Arizona. This free supplement contains 40% roughage and approximately 60 tons is hauled every other day from Flagstaff to the ranch to increase the carrying capacity of the ranch.  Feeding troughs are strategically located throughout the ranch.   Also, this ration has been used in the well designed feedlot to wean and finish superior calves.  Two dump trucks used to haul the grain are included in the sale. 

  • Carrying Capacity & Acreage: Carrying Capacity & Acreage Deeded Land: 79.87± acres deeded; State Lease: 17,417.72± acres; BLM Lease: 548± acres; Private Leases: 18,045.59 ± acres – TOTAL: 36,467 ± total acres/ 300 CYL.  Note: current owner increases the carrying capacity by supplementing with free spent brewer’s grain as described above.
  • Building Improvements: The headquarters sits on approximately 80 deeded acres with a good producing domestic well and has a newer set of working corrals with a squeeze chute, scales, calf table, loading chute, and bunkhouse.  There are also several working corrals throughout the ranch on both the state and private lease.  Power is supplied by a newer solar system.    
  • Water: Water on the ranch is mainly provided by 11 earthen tanks.  There is a well with a solar submersible pump on the deeded land with a 3,000 gallon storage tank.  The private lease has one windmill, two wells with submersible pumps and one spring; there is one inoperable windmill on the state lease. The City of Flagstaff has provided an opportunity to further supplement water resources via a waterline located on the east side of the ranch that is not currently being utilized.
  • Climate: In Winslow, the summers are hot, the winters are short and cold, and it is dry and mostly clear year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 22°F to 93°F and is rarely below 11°F or above 99°F.
  • Equipment: 1996 Mack Dump Truck, Peterbilt Dump Truck, 1988 Marmon Water Truck, 1972 Caterpillar 14E Blade.
  • Taxes, Zoning & Grazing Fees: 2023 property taxes for Coconino County Assessor Parcel #’s 406-12-001E and 406-12-001G are $10.69; State Lease for 2023-2024 grazing fees were $5,544.00 ($2.75/AUM). 
  • Cattle : Up to 100 head of cattle are available by separate treaty.
  • Comments: The Nat Ranch is a well-managed, working cattle ranch which contains both open range grazing and a functional feedlot.  The Seller’s current operation supplementing with spent brewer’s grain is likely assumable.  The Nat Ranch has easy and quick access from I-40 and Winslow reducing ranch expenses and increasing profitability.   The headquarters with shipping facilities is located within 40 miles of Valley Livestock Auction (Holbrook, AZ).  The 2022 census showed a population of 4,798, Winslow is located close by with all educational, medical and emergency services.  The larger city of Flagstaff which contains all amenities is only 50 miles to the west.    

 Price: $2,400,000 Cash

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*This information was obtained from sources deemed to be reliable but is not guaranteed by the broker. Prospective buyers should check all the facts to their satisfaction. The property is subject to prior sale, price change, or withdraw.